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Our Principles

To encourage and enable heath care professionals to gain experience and provide help when requested overseas

To encourage the formation of specialist groups that  regularly provide for unmet needs in various parts of the world 

To try to correct for some of the exploitation that is currently occurring as developed countries take professionals as  "cheap labour" from overseas

To do this without encouraging Medical Tourism

To do this in a sustainable way - money generated through Medics Travel is reinvested to further skill acquisition and transfer

MEDICSTRAVEL  has been set up to help doctors, nurses, physios, theatre staff, radiographers and other health professionals arrange work and electives overseas. It provides ideas of places to go as well as lists of hospitals in over 120 different countries. It also lists Non Governmental Organisations and Recruitment Agencies that work all over the world.

Medics Travel receives over 900 visits every day (25,000 per month) and this continues to increase. We have over 5000 doctors and other medical staff in our database looking for work overseas.

It was set up and is run by Dr Mark Wilson and accompanies the book “The Medics Guide to Work and Elective Around the World”. Click here to see articles he has written

The site is simply here to encourage and make it easier to work overseas, both through voluntary and paid work.

Medicine really is you passport to the world - there is no other profession which allows you to be welcomed in virtually every corner of the globe. We have universal skills that enable us to experience and get involved in all kinds of cultures

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We would obviously appreciate any feedback you have about the site. Just drop me a line on

Thanks for visiting the site. Tell your friends! Have a great trip


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